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2020-2021 Essay Contest Winners
Jun 4, 2021

The Covid has dominated our lives this past year in diverse ways; the personal stories you shared for this contest reflect that diversity, yet with a common thread – that we heal when we share. As we read your stories, we felt your sorrow when you lost a loved one, when many were all of a sudden laid off, anxiety that came with uncertainty, unable to pay your mortgage, unable to bid farewell as your spouse gave his or her last breath, and when borders were being closed and you did not know if you could make it to your family. We hope sharing your story through this contest have contributed to your healing and resilience. 

Every story was special, but each of the top 20 were one step ahead for their innovation and writing style. The winners have made it through with only a small margin of total points they got from referees. While we congratulate them for their talents, we congratulate all participants (more than 950) for facing the challenge and growing through it.

...And the winners are:

  1. “Ernie: An Outpouring” by Rainie Zenith
  2. “Homo Covidicus” by Mariya Tytarenko
  3. “The Second Ticket to Life” by Hamza Ali

Honorable Mentions:

  • “COVID Gave Me A Chance to Show My Parents I Loved Them” by Aimee Christian
  • “City of Death, City of Life” by Ariadne Blayde

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